Transitioning to WordPress from ExpressionEngine

I’ve been blogging since 2003, when I first got Blogger to publish to my server.  I used Blogger until 2006, when I got tired of their interface and lack of uptime.  At that time, I researched various blogging software applications, trying to find the one that would work best for me.  It had to be free, and it had to work well.  For some reason, I chose not to check out WordPress.  Of all the options available, I narrowed it down to ExpressionEngine and Textpattern.  I couldn’t get Textpattern to install, so i went with ExpressionEngine.

For the most part, EE has worked well for me.  The main drawback I’ve been able to discover is that when it’s time to update the software, I found it easier to completely uninstall the old version and do a new install of the new one.  Even doing that, updating the software generally took me a couple of days to do.  Because of that, I’d been using version 1.4.2 for well over a year.  I know that I needed to update to the current version (1.6), I just wasn’t looking forward to doing it.

Last week, I attended WordCamp Dallas with my wife.  I figured I’d pick up general blogging tips (I did), and also learn more about WordPress.  I fully intended to update the software to the current version, but also considered switching to WordPress.

Earlier this week, I made the attempt to update.  As usual, it didn’t work.  Finally, in frustration, I decided to install WordPress 2.5 and start over.  But I didn’t want to simply install it on my current host.  I decided to finally purchase, and install it on that.  I’ll keep and have it redirect to the .com version eventually.

The WordPress installation was the easiest software installation I’ve ever done.  I’m amazed at how simple it was.  Adding plugins & widgets and themes is extremely easy.  In EE, all of it took some doing.  Now I understand why my wife loves WordPress.

I am still going to try to export my old posts from EE and import them into WordPress at some point.  I think the best way to do that is going to be to install EE locally on my computer at home, and fiddle with it there.

Oh, another thing I like about WordPress vs. EE:  In EE, if I want to add a Category, I have to create it in a whole different submenu.  In WordPress, I just add it during the post.  I also hated the preview in EE.  The theme it used for previewing posts was the Dashboard theme, which looked nothing like my blog.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to using the software even more as time goes on.