Personal News

100000 miles

2001 VW New Beetle 1.8T odometer at 100k When Cynthia and I got in the car after dinner tonight, I noticed that the odometer read 99982. We were 18 miles shy of 100k. Since we had a couple errands to run, we decided to drive around until it rolled over. First we went to Radio Shack to pick up a battery for a bike computer. Next we headed to AutoZone for bulbs for a headlight and a fog light. Both the left fog light and right low beam/daytime running light bulbs are burned out. There’s an AutoZone fairly close to home, but we decided to go to one farther from home in hopes that we’d get closer to 100k.

As we drove into Downtown, we were still a few miles short. So we headed down through the Cedars area, looking at the loft buildings there. As we were heading back into Downtown, it turned over 100k miles. So I stopped and took a picture.

Here’s hoping it goes another 100k miles before it needs replacing.