Odd stuff

The strange text message got stranger

To refresh your memory, I received a text message from a number I didn’t recognize, so I decided to have some fun. It started out as follows:

Mystery Texter: Hey what size grey goose do u want?

me: The largest one available, of course.

MT: Lol will do

me: When will it arrive?

I didn’t hear anything for a while.  Then about an hour later, it started up again:

MT: The grey goose?

me: Yes, the grey goose. I’m getting thirsty thinking about it.

MT: Lol i don’t get off till about 530. And ill make run to the liquor store around 6 so it will be ready for u to take home when u come over.

me: Was I supposed to come over tonight?

MT: I thought u were just to hang out? Maybe smoke the hooka a lil?

me (trying to get an idea of who it might be): That’s right. Refresh my memory, how do I get there?

MT: Give us a call when ur on ur way and well give u directions

MT: Its awesome to find someone who we dont freak out

me (maybe I can freak them out a bit): Should I bring my leather?

MT: Please do

me (damn, didn’t work, maybe this will): My sister would like to come, too. Is that ok?

MT: Thats cool. R yall drinking and having fun?

me: Not yet. Looking forward to tonight.

MT: Why r u looking forward too it?

me (shit, am I busted?): Because it sounds fun.

MT: It will be. Wanna play whos the vigges pervert,

me (Cool, I’m not.  Let’s see where this’ll take us): Sure. You in first.

MT: Me in first,

MT: ?

me: Yes.

MT: Ok but if u get us naked i swear lol

me: I thought that was the goal. . .

MT: Lol. Well i know it wont be hard for you to get jess naked lol

WTF?  I know someone named Jess.  Could this be someone that actually knows me and is texting me by mistake?

MT: Just get ready to have fun tonight

MT: Dont wear to much lol

Another long break with no messages.  I was thinking about who it could be, and even called my wife to see what she thought.  I did a reverse white pages lookup on the number, but all it told me was that it was a cell phone using the same cell provider that I use.  No help there.

me: Where do you work that you can spend all this time texting me?

MT: Pharmacy. And its slow

I thought I’d try to let them down easy, and try to get out of “coming over” like they thought I was:

me: It looks like I won’t be able to get away from work until after 7 pm. Is that too late to come over?

MT: Of course not well be up late tonight

Crap.  Didn’t work.

MT: Ur grey goose was 25

MT: What time do u think yal will be here?

By the time I received the above message, I was already home.  I didn’t bother responding.  Later, I received this:

MT: Probably. We can order it when we’re done.

I have no idea what “it” is.  Or what it is that they are doing that they’ll be waiting until after they’re done to order.

I hope they had a nice night, whoever they were.