Went for a bike ride this morning

There’s a group ride on June 8 that I want to do. The route is set at about 35 miles. I’ll have to take the train to Plano, then ride to the starting point 7.5 miles away. So I’ll end up getting in about 50 miles. While I’m sure I could ride 50 miles, it would be slow going. Since I don’t want to suck down the rest of the group’s enjoyment of the ride, I figure I should get in some miles before then. So I got up early this morning and went for a ride before work.

I live in Downtown Dallas, so I have to get out of Downtown to a safe area to ride. For the past few years, I’ve been riding East of Downtown to Fair Park, where I found a 1-mile loop that I can do laps on. Since it’s in Fair Park, the only traffic is Parks department and Police. Except that there’s some sort of construction going on in the middle of the loop, so I couldn’t ride there today. So I ended up riding on side streets back through East Dallas and into Downtown. I got in just under 8.5 miles at an average of just over 12mph.

I’ll have to do some map research and find another good route. I could always ride down to the Katy Trail, except that with the joggers and walkers I can’t get a good pace going. I think there’s a good route to get to White Rock Lake. I could then do a lap or two around it, depending on when I need to get back to get to work.