Personal News

I’ve got a new computer

Happy AnniversaryYep, I picked up a MacBook tonight.  Cynthia & I headed up McKinney Ave to the Apple Store on Knox.  As we approached it, we saw a line of people down the block, waiting to get in.  Yep, it was iPhone 2.0 release day.  We figured that we might have better luck at the Apple Store in Northpark Mall, since parking would be easier and it was inside.  We saw the line in the hall, and asked if we had to wait to be able to purchase something other than an iPhone.  They asked what we wanted, and we told them a MacBook.  They said we’d have to wait in line.  So we left.

I called the Knox store to see if they’d make me wait, too.  Yep, same deal.  They said the line might be shorter the next day, but if there still was a line, we’d still have to wait.  So I called Best Buy to make sure they had the computer I wanted.  They said they had 16, so we headed over there.  We stood around for about 15 minutes with no one even acknowledging our presence before we gave up and decided to go to MicroCenter instead.

We’d picked up an Eee PC for Cynthia there a couple weeks ago, and the Mac guy was really helpful, so we figured we could get a Mac from him.  He got it for us, and helped us pick out some other items, and we went up to pay for it.  Unfortunately, the purchase amount was over our daily limit for our debit cards.  We ended up having to split the purchase between two cards, but we got it done.  The cashier was very patient.

So I’ve spent the last hour or so getting it set up the way I like it.  I’ve downloaded Firefox 3.0 and customized it a bit.  Now I need to get a better background image for the wallpaper.