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Beer was my life

Beer Is My Life So I went out for a bike ride/night of drinking with Matt last night. We met at The Grapevine, where I had 4 beers. Cristy showed up, and the 3 of us chatted for a while about all kinds of things. Then Matt & I rode through Downtown Dallas & Deep Ellum to the Elbow Room, where I had 3 Priest’s Collars and half a calzone. Kyle & Wendy and Julie joined us, as did another couple. After the other couple left, the 5 of us headed over to Kyle & Wendy’s, where we just hung out and chatted for about 30-45 minutes. Matt & I then headed back through Downtown to The Grapevine, where he loaded his bike in his car and we said our good bye’s. I then rode back home.

Drinking that much beer was not a good idea. I didn’t get much sleep last night because of it, and it really has affected me today. I think I’m going to switch to liquor drinks in the future. I won’t drink them as fast, and the times I have had them, I didn’t get hung over. The only problem is that I prefer Crown Royal, and it’s rather pricey. I guess there’s trade-offs in everything.

So I’ll be finishing the beer I currently have at home, and then no more.

Good bye, beer, you’ve been a good friend.