bicycling Life

Great bike ride tonight

I got off work today at 5:30 & headed to the store to hit the ATM to get cash for the ride & for the train this week. I headed on home in the heat & pulled the Colnago out of the bikeroom to get it ready. After airing up the tires, mounting lights, changing clothes & filling water bottles, I was ready to go by 6:30.

The ride over to Matt’s is a little challenging for me right now. There are a few hills, and a good stretch where there’s a bit of traffic, but I made it ok. I’m glad I filled my Camelbak, ’cause I ended up drinking all 70 ounces of it on the 9 mile ride. Once there, Matt gave me a PowerAde & I chatted with Paul, Dre, Autumn, Chuck & Matt. Finally another couple arrived on their trike, and we headed on out.

We did a clock-wise partial lap around the lake. The goal was to make it to a crappy sports bar to eat. As an appetizer, we rode with our mouths open while circumnavigating White Rock Lake. The gnats were so thick that it looked like we were driving through a snowstorm.

After eating & watching a bit of the All-Star festivities, we headed back to Matt’s. Once there, Chuck agreed to load my bike in the back of his 4Runner & give me a ride home. Had he not done so, I’d still be on the road some where, slowly grinding away towards home.

I am so out of shape right now it isn’t funny. The total ride was 18.25 miles. That’s nothing. I take that back. It’s motivation to get back into shape & lose some weight.

On the bright side, I didn’t drink the way I used to. Normally I’d have had 2-3 beers at Matt’s, then 2-3 more at the bar/restaurant, plus a few sips off the in-flight refueling. All I had tonight was one sip off the in-flight. I drank water or Dr Pepper or PowerAde the rest of the time.

Time to hit the shower & head to bed.