What I did on my vacation

Friday: Walked over to the Nameless Merchant with Cynthia and had a very nice dinner at their Holiday Buffet. Walked back home, got in the car and drove to Target to pick up a prescription and some food for the weekend.

Saturday: Not a damn thing. Made breakfast tacos. Played on the computer. Watched TV. Read. Played games on the iPhone.

Sunday: Not a damn thing. Played on the computer. Watched TV. Read. Played games on the iPhone.

Monday: Went out to eat for lunch on the way to King Spa. Got a body scrub & massage. I never feel as clean as I do after a body scrub. The massage was weird, though. It was in conjunction with the body scrub, so I was completely nude, and the guy was crawling all over my back like a spider monkey. Relaxed in the recliners while Cynthia got her body scrub. Once home, we just relaxed & read.

Tuesday: See Sunday.

Wednesday: See Tuesday.

Thursday: Gave myself a haircut while Cynthia was getting her hair done. See Wednesday for what else we did.

Friday: Did laundry & dishes. Cleaned the loft. Vacuumed the floors & cleaned the kitchen & bedroom. Went out to Sigels & Kroger for NYE supplies. Since we decided to stay in, we picked up snacks to eat while watching TV & waiting for the New Year to start. We watched LOTR: The Fellowship of the Rings and LOTR: The Two Towers, both extended versions, until 1:30am, then went to bed.

Saturday: See Wednesday.

Sunday: See Saturday.

On both Sundays, I watched NFL games. Well, to be more accurate, I had the TV on to the games, but was reading or playing games on the iPhone at the time.

All in all, it was one of the best vacations I’ve had in a while. Very relaxing.