Brand Loyalty

The first television I ever purchased was a Samsung. It was a 32″ CRT. I had it for 7 years before I replaced it with a Samsung 40″ LCD. I specifically chose Samsung for the replacement because I’d been very happy with the first one. The only reason I was replacing it was I wanted a HDTV. This past Christmas, my MIL bought me a new surround sound system to replace the LG system that died. What brand did I pick out? Samsung.

Then two capacitors on the 40″ died. It was out of warranty, but I found a guy who came to me to replace them for less than $200.

I just replaced my external monitor for my laptop. I had been using a 19″ Acer in conjunction with the 13″ laptop monitor as a dual setup. Working this way meant the graphics processor was working overtime to power both monitors. I upgraded to a Samsung 23″ and am using it as a single-monitor setup to help the laptop processor out.

During the time that I was dealing with the TV capacitors, I tweeted about it in the hopes that I’d get some response from Samsung for a loyal customer of theirs. I was hoping that by mentioning that I had 3 of their products and was considering purchasing a 4th, they’d do something to help. I never heard from them, but it didn’t matter because of how inexpensive the repair was. It’s a good thing, too, because the number of Samsung products I’d have told them I had would have been wrong.

When we needed to upgrade the hard drive on our old Windows desktop PC a few years back, I purchased an 80GB drive for it. The drive was a Samsung.

When my wife bought a netbook we purchased an external CD/DVD drive for it to install software. The drive was a Samsung.

My wife lost her iPhone in DC last fall and bought an inexpensive pay-as-you-go phone to get by for the weekend. It was a Samsung.

So that makes 7 total Samsung products we’ve purchased over the years, 6 of which we still have.

So am I loyal to Samsung? Pretty much. I’ll still stick with my iPhone rather than go with one of the 12 models of smartphone that Samsung makes. I’ll also stick with my MacBook rather than get a Samsung laptop.

Umm, just realized that I also am loyal to Apple. In our home we have a MacBook (with Apple wired keyboard & Magic Mouse), iMac, Mac Mini (with Apple Wireless keyboard), 4 iPhones (2G (dead), 3G (I use it as an iPod Touch), & two 4Gs), 2 iPod Shuffles, and we’re about to purchase a MacBook Air. Looks like the only brand that we’re more loyal to than Samsung is Apple.