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Snap crackle pop

My lovely wife and I decided to start rollerskating. We figured it would be a fun way to get exercise and spend time together, so 2 weeks ago we went out and purchased some rollerskates. We then headed out to White Rock Lake to go skating. When we got there, my lack of experience was very apparent. I’d never skated with quad skates before. The last time I skated was on blades, and I didn’t enjoy it at all. Since the skates came with 5 coupons for free skating lessons & 5 free skating passes, we decided to go get lessons the next week.

We went up to Interskate on Saturday morning and had a blast. I got more confident during the lesson, and was looking forward to doing more skating. So this Friday we decided to go back to Interskate for the open skate after dinner.

Things were going well. I was getting better at turning and at maintaining speed. After about an hour or so, I wanted to sit down to rest for a bit, so I headed to the carpeted area where the benches were. I must have been going a little faster than I should have been, because I was having difficulty slowing down to stop at the bench. I started to lose my balance, swung my arms like a windmill to hopefully stabilize myself, but failed. I started to fall to my right side, and put my hands to catch myself. I was wearing wrist guards, so I wasn’t worried about them. Unfortunately the skates I have were very wide and stable. So much so that my foot stayed upright, while the rest of me fell. As my hand hit the ground, I heard two distinct snaps/pops from my right ankle.

I writhed a bit in pain, and tried to look for my wife. She was looking for me, too, but didn’t see me on the ground until I called out to her. She asked if I was OK, and I told her that no, I was not OK, and asked if she could get an adult staff member to come help. Two staff members came over and asked if I wanted help getting up. I told them that I injured my ankle, and needed someone to check it out. They said there was a medic there and they’d get him.

It turns out there were actually two EMTs there skating with their roller derby team. They came over and examined my ankle, and said that I had most likely broken a bone. They rigged up a make-shift splint with a towel and some tape, helped me to my car, and told me to go to the ER.

Cynthia and I decided to drive down to Baylor Medical Center near Downtown rather than go to the Lewisville hospital 2 minutes away. From previous experience with broken bones, I figured that it would be easier to deal with follow-up care if I went to a hospital close to home.

I figured that we’d be sitting in the waiting room for a couple of hours before being seen, since it was Friday night. I was wrong. They checked me in within 5 minutes, and sent me up to the Minor Emergency Room, where I was immediately put in an exam room. The X-ray tech came right away and took the x-rays, then staff came & went checking on me.

After about an hour or so, the doctor came in and tole me that I had a non-displaced fracture of the fibula just above the ankle. A nurse came in and gave me some hydrocodone, then a tech came in and applied a splint, then we waited until the nurse was able to get around to discharging me. They gave me prescriptions for hydrocodone and ibuprofen, a pair of crutches, and instructed me to make an appointment with an osteopathic surgeon on Monday.

So I’m in pain that gets diminished a bit by the drugs, which make me sleepy. But I can’t sleep well because it’s nearly impossible to get comfortable, and after lying for 2 hours in the same position, my foot/ankle starts to hurt. I have to hobble around, using muscles I didn’t know existed. It sucks, but it’ll get better.