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Injury update

Surgery went well. I was cleared to work the following Tuesday, but HR wouldn’t let me come back on crutches. So Cynthia tracked down a hands-free crutch for rent, and HR said yes. I only missed 12 days of work, all but one day of which was covered by vacation & sick time.

I went in for x-rays & a follow-up w/ the doctor on April 18. Everything looked great, so he removed the cast & had me switch to a walking boot, with instructions to start walking on it. I pussied out for a week & didn’t do much more than half-assed attempts at putting weight on it. Until Saturday evening, that is.

Cynthia brought me to Easter Vigil at her church. Since there were plenty of opportunities to stand, I started putting weight on it. By the end of the service, I could stand & walk w/o pain or problems. When we got to the lobby of the church, I told her to look at me, the. Lifted my crutches off the floor & took 3 steps w/o them. I looked at her, smiled & said, “I’m healed!” she didn’t find it nearly as funny as I did.

So I picked up a folding cane that Monday and returned the rental hands-free crutch Tuesday. The best part of the walking boot was that it was removable, meaning I could take it off to shower & sleep. After 4 weeks, I started gingerly putting weight on my leg w/o the walking boot.

My last follow-up appointment was Monday, May 23. The doctor said everything looked great, so he wanted me to transition out of the boot. He cleared me to drive a car again, and approved using an exercise bike. I asked a out regular bikes, and he said it was up to me. He said I don’t have to go to PT unless I feel like I’m not progressing as well as I’d like. He also said there’s no need to see him again unless I have a problem or break something else.

So I’ve now completely transitioned out from the walking boot. I still use a cane if I’m walking any distance more than 50 yards or so. I’ve also driven the car with no issues. Haven’t tried cycling, either stationary or otherwise.

So after almost 3 months, I’m nearly back to normal.