• @Veribatim @sweg @ftlauderdaniel I don't mind ordering pizza, because i can do it with the 'Pad app. in reply to Veribatim #
  • Got a request to be added to the schoolFeed of someone who ranted about being picked on in HS & that she wouldn't attend the reunion. #
  • Workin, bitches! (Going to NMCC at 9:00am) http://t.co/jhzVCCUU #
  • Client: make signs about the size of these other signs you do for us.
    Me: Here are signs that are slightly larger.
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  • Client: we love the size, font is too small.
    Me: some are as large as they can get on one line. Would you like the names on 2 lines?
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  • Client: Make font as big as possible, or shrink to fit, or make cards bigger. Whatever you think looks best!
    Me: ???
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  • @markramsey we've been w/o cable for going on 2 years. in reply to markramsey #
  • Showing my taste buds who's boss, bitches! (@ Chili's Grill & Bar w/ 3 others) http://t.co/vVoG7YaZ #
  • I just unlocked the “Flame Broiled” badge on @foursquare! Cheeseburgers all around! http://t.co/cn77laS7 #